Salomon Soft Reservoir 1,5 Liter


Soft Reservoir 1,5 Liter


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Universell 1,5-litersbehållare som är kompatibel med alla Salomon Hydration-väskor. Fri från PVC/ftalater/BPA


- Mjuk
Denna behållare, som är mjuk och flexibel, är en del av den totala passform och komfort som gör Salomons vätskeryggsäckar så bra.


- Bite valve with on/off system
The most intuitive leakproof valve to hydrate easily. Soft mouth contact.

- Plug-n-Play system
Easy to disconnect the tube from the bladder event when full.

- PVC, Bisphenol-A free
FDA approved polyurethane.

- Reversible volume
Easiest to clean, turn it inside out.

- Compatible with all Salomon backpacks
Choose the orientation of the bladder exit, to the top or to the side, to fit your backpack.

- TPU (thermoplastic Polyurethane)
Used for specific properties like -elasticity, then comfort close to the back -transparency, to clearly see the water level inside -resistance to any liquid, then taste free -PVC free, then no toxic substances reject when recycled Thermoplastic polyurethanes are perfect for bladder and tube.

- 90cm tube
Long enough for standard routing. To be cut at the right length for underarm routing.

- Bender piece
Protects the tube when used in a standard configuration to the shoulder.

- Lateral exit
for underarm routing.



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