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Ultra-light compression socks for women

- Enjoy a perfect stay-put fit and blister protection thanks to a close fit and high-tech blend of fibers.
- Experience the feel-good effect with increased circulation, which improves the supply of nutrients to your muscles.
- medi compression in the Ultralight Socks for women reduces muscle vibrations so you have more power and energy.

Feel good and reach your goals faster: The Ultralight Compression Socks for women support you in your athletic ambitions! The breathable, ultra-light fabric guarantees unmatched comfort, while the compression enhances your performance. And thanks to the perfect fit with anatomically shaped toe boxes, these compression socks for women fit like a glove.

Fewer muscle vibrations = more energy and power

You can feel the difference right when you put them on: The Ultralight Compression Socks for women reduce muscle vibrations. You conserve your energy and lighten your step. In other words, you enjoy a more comfortable running experience – over short or long distances.

Light legs and more power thanks to improved circulation

In the Ultralight Socks for women your legs feel noticeably lighter and you take your performance to a new level. The advanced medi compression improves the blood circulation in your muscles, which also increases the supply of nutrients to your muscles and accelerates the removal of metabolic waste products.

Discover ultra-light wearing comfort and a perfect fit

Super thin and with minimal padding: These features make the Ultralight Socks the perfect link between your feet and close-fitting running shoes. They also have excellent breathability, which is ideal on hot summer days. This helps prevent blisters. At the same time, integrated carbon fibers guarantee maximum stability of the thin fabric.

Exploit your performance potential with the advanced Ultralight Compression Socks for women and enjoy their unmatched wearing comfort!




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